Saturday, February 14, 2015

International Mining for Development Centre Alumini -Abibimman Foundation


The conference was attended by a number of experts from the mining industry. The conference was organised to educate the various actors that attended the conference on a number of issues. The conference started with key note speeches from the organisers, the chairman, the speakers and the Honourable Minister for lands and Natural resources.

We later at the end of the workshop took a group photo.
We were educated on the African Mining Vision and the Country Mining Vision. The African Mining Vision is to create a transparent, equitable and optimal exploitation of minieral resources to underpin broad based sustainable growth and socio-economic development. The AMV is knowledge driving and conceived as a key component of a diversified industrialising Africa. And capitalize on the mutually beneficial partnership between government and Civil Society organisations.

The African Mining Development Commission’s (AMDC) mission is working with member states and their national and regional organisations to enable the mineral resources play a greater transformative role in development of the continent through increased economic, social linkages and improved governance.  AMDC is demand driven; they ensure the tracking, coordinating and implementation of the AMV, identify gaps and areas of need in the mining sector, advocacy role, serving as a policy think tank etc.

AMDC has various thematic working areas, among which are; policy and licencing, governance and participation etc. AMDC is currently working in Mozambique doing a mineral policy. AMDC in support of the Mozambique government is designing an implementation plan. AMDC also worked in Lesotho in reviewing the 1962 mining and mineral policy with the support of the government. AMDC is also in Tanzania in partnership with the government to formulate a country mining vision. It developed a business plan integrating mining into national development plans etc.

IM4DC Ghana Chapter created
Abibiman Foundation offered to join others  to work on a proposal
Having a platform for knowledge building and sharing
Connect with other people who matter to you.

International Mining for Development Centre
Alumini Day at the Best Western Premier Hotel on the 3rd of February, 2015 at 9am

Mr. Kenneth Amoateng,
CEO of Abibiman  Foundation