Thursday, May 7, 2015

Official launch of The IDAY Ghana Kindergarten clay thatch school building in Lakpleku

Lakpleku is a village in the Dangme West District of Ghana. The community is completely rural with a population of about 400. Poverty is widespread. Most of the population are subsistence farmers using non-mechanized rain fed agricultural practice.

Because of the level of poverty in the community a fair number of them migrates to the city to look for non-existent jobs and ending up in the pool of the urban poor. Most of the children are not in school subsequently forced into hard Labour along the Volta lake for dangerous fishing expeditions.

Consequently some of them have lost their lives and childhood. Economic deprivation necessitates the migration of families to the Volta river for fishing explorations. Hence abandoning the education of the child.

By the age of 6 most children especially the girl child is sold into child labor along the Volta River for economic gains for the family. Child marriage is predominant in Lakpleku.

There are no kindergartens and nursery facilities in the community, children who are supposed to be in school are found loitering about in the village whiles their parents are busily involved in their farms.

This has also contributed to the children's disinterest in education by the time they are due for class one. Hence the need to start a nursery and kindergarten in the community to help these children identify objects, alphabets and numbers.

They started in an abandoned pig pen and then moved under a tree. During rainy seasons and bad weather it becomes impossible to have lessons

Upon routine visit of IDAY Ghana to one of our number organization (Joy project NGO) in the community, we found the woeful situation and decided to intervene. We have been able to construct a clay thatch school building for the people of Lakpleku community. With the help of IDAY Ghana and members contribute they now meet under a shelter

There will be official launch of The IDAY Kindergarten School building in Lakpleku community on the June 16 and open forum.

However, IDAY Ghana members are always willing to contribute for the success of the program  


Kenneth Nana Amoateng
IDAY-Ghana Coordinator