Friday, April 22, 2016


There is a Patriotic song that every Ghanaian tongue knows; “Yen Ara Asasi Ni”, which simply translates: this is our own land. It a patriotic song that charges all inhabitants of the land to contribute their quota to making the nation or earth a better place. Mother Earth day or world earth day is an ancient concept common to many languages and cultures, acknowledging the connection to the planet which sustains and nurtures us. The Earth is the ultimate mother, an astounding planet that has, since time immemorial, supported life in myriad forms. As humans, we outgrow the need for constant maternal care.  Interestingly, we can never outgrow our reliance on Mother Earth.  As long as we live, we need air, water, fertile soil and the countless other gifts that this planet bestows.

This year, Mother Earth Day coincides with the signing ceremony for the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, which will take place at the UN Headquarters in New York. Celebrated on the 22nd of April yearly, International Mother Earth Day recognizes that the Earth and its ecosystems provide its inhabitants with life and sustenance. It also aims to raise awareness that humans have a collective responsibility to promote harmony with nature and to balance the economic, social and environmental needs of present and future generations.This year’s theme of the International Mother Earth Day is “Trees for the earth”. Trees will be the first of five major goals to be undertaken in honour of the five-year countdown to the 50th anniversary. On these initiatives will make a significant and measurable impact on the Earth and will serve as the foundation of a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable planet for all.

Abibimman foundation, together with The Coalition of NGOs in Tema (Greater Accra Region of Ghana) commemorated this year’s celebration of World Earth Day with a talk on trees with the youth and students of Sakumono TMA No.1&2 JHS. The programme saw the presence of over 200 students and special guests including: Mr. Jeruson, a director representing the Tema Mayor; Mr. Appiah representing the Managing Director for Tema Development Corporation; Kenneth Nana Amoateng, the CEO of Abibimman Foundation; Mrs. Theresa Tetteh, the Circuit Supervisor for Tema Metro of the Ghana Education Service and Lamisi of “Ghana’s Most Beautiful.” fame 2009. The programme climaxed with a tree planting exercise that gave birth to several “ambassadors for the earth” and the students pledged to take care of the trees planted today with zeal and dedication for posterity. The headmaster of the School, Mr. Richard Parku, was very grateful to Abibimman Foundation and its kind sponsors, Total Logistics Limited and the Supermaritime Group Ghana Ltd, for making it an honour to choose his school for the programme. He raised the issue of how important the trees would be to his school as the trees would serve as windbreak to protect the roof of the school which breaks down frequently following heavy storms.

 As the school is situated close to the Atlantic ocean, the wind that comes in are very intense, thereby causing loss and damage as well as financial loss to them as they have to always bear the cost of maintenance of the roof every now and then. In a statement read on the behalf of the Tema Metropolitan Chief Executive concerning the programme, the Mayor pledged to host next year’s Earth day celebration and involve Abibimman Foundation following its tremendous efforts over the years to aid in greening Tema. The Tema Mayor also added that, he would make it a point to liaise with the Organization to implement other projects in the Metropolis in the future. The Managing Director of Tema Development Corporation was also glad to always be part of the activities of the Foundation in Tema. In a statement also read on his behalf, emphasized the work Abibimman Foundation played in the development of the metropolis over the years and hope the foundation extends its projects and Programmes to every corner of Tema.  Amongst the several trees planted for today were fruit trees to help supplement the school feeding program with vitamin C.

Target 15.2 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) captures the importance of promoting the sustainable management of all types of trees and forests and, in many cases, enhance the socio-economic contributions they offer mankind and as we celebrate International Mother Earth Day, it is virtually impossible to sum up the importance of trees and forests in just a few words. Trees are essential to support life on Earth as we know it. Let us take action for the conservation, restoration and sustainable use of forests in order to ensure that they continue to provide the vital products and services so necessary to the lives of billions of people around the world, to address climate change, and protect the Earth for future generations.