Thursday, December 12, 2013

Build climate change momentum from Lima COP 20 to Paris agreement COP 21

Build climate change momentum from Lima COP 20 to Paris agreement COP 21

To request developed countries to commit themselves to at lest 40% emission reduction by 2020 according to the science and in the same time they must commit to assist us to adapt to climate change and where appropriate and voluntary expressed to mitigate using for example the flexible mechanism.

Acknowledge the new Japanese pledge to reduce its emission and encourage other Annex I Parties to scale-up their pledges in order to enhance the outcome in Paris agreement

Developed countries showed lack of commitments to take on meaningful emission reduction targets required to stabilized atmospheric GHGs which is reduction to the survival of vulnerable continents especially African Concerned

About the progress urge speeding up of negotiations so that we have a comprehensive outcome in the build political momentum for Paris agreement, otherwise the historical opportunity to correct the climate crisis will be missed and this will affect the integrity of the convention

We need local actions to make sure we get fair and ambitious decisions in 2015, Paris agreement. Because in Poland Warsaw COP 19, the death and destruction brought by the Philippines storm helped to highlight the question of “climate justice.

Kenneth Nana Amoateng

 Chief Executive Officer 

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